The community of Vršac is situated in the southeast of Banat, in direction of the Romanian border. Motorways and railroads that make the closest connection between Belgrade and Timisoara go through Vršac. The town is 84 km away from Belgrade or slightly more than an hour of pleasant ride. The mountain of Vršac that raises from the monotonous plain, thanks to its mild and pleasant slopes, offer good conditions for recreation.



Vršac belongs to the towns which are proud with good reason of their past and intensive development of cultural life. Vršac is the town which still arouses admiration with its centuries long architecture, both sacral and profane. Nevertheless this town „under the tower“ is still being urbanized pursuant to the contemporary requirements of the modern age man, striving at the some time to preserve the old core with architectural spirit of the town.



One of the symbols of Vršac, neo gothic cathedral built is situated in the main center.



The Palace of Eparchy from XVIII century. Today it is the residence of Banat’s bishops. The chapel with iconostasis, the library and the gallery of portraits of Vršac’s bishops.



To the east side of the city of Vršac, on a hill named Kula (Tower), there are the remnants of a smaller medieval fort of an elongated shape with the ramparts adapted to the shape of the plateau – 18 meters wide and 46 meters long. The tower, 20 m high, at the eastern side of the plateau, dominates the whole fortress. It has an irregular rectangular plan. The tower dates back to 15th century.



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