Restaurants in Skadarlija

Skadarlija – the Bohemian quarter of the capital, is also the elite neighborhood on the restaurant map of Belgrade. The restaurants in Skadarlija traditionally promote the national cuisine, but their offer includes international dishes as well. Nearly all restaurants have live music with the traditional repertoire.

Dva Bela Goluba

Address: 29. novembra 3, Open: 9.00-24.00

Dva Jelena

Address: Skadarska 32, Open: 9.00-1.00

Ima dana

Address: Skadarska 38, Open: 11.00-1.00


Address: Cetinjska 17, Open: 11.00-1.00

Šešir Moj

Address: Skadarska 27, Open: 9.00-1.00

Tri Šešira

Address: Skadarska 29, Open: 11.00-1.00

Zlatni Bokal

Address: Skadarska 26, Open: 11.00-1.00

To be honest, Serbian cuisine is international cuisine. It has been shaped in the tempestuous history by the overlapping influences of many nations. Everywhere you can find various types of restaurants. Skadarlija restaurants are typical flavor of Belgrade.