Sremski Karlovci, “a town of history” is located on mild slopes spreading from the Danube towards Fruška Gora, on the road connecting Novi Sad and Belgrade (12 km from Novi Sad). To the town from Belgrade you can to take the train. The settlement in the outskirts of Fruška Gora valley, towards the river, has existed here from ancient times.



After the Peace Treaty signed in Karlovci in 1713 the place became the official center of the highest clergy of the Orthodox Church. It was the spiritual and cultural center of the Serbs in the 18th and 19th centuries and the meeting place of almost all Serbian national-church assemblies. There are several monuments of architectural and artistic interest, such as a Baroque-style fountain, the Karlovci High School from the end of the 19th century with decorative elements reminiscent of mediaeval Serbian buildings, the Patriarch’s Palace – once the most imposing building in the whole region, the Cathedral Church from the mid-18th century, and many others. Architectural monuments of Sremski Karlovci are rare examples of style and artistic shaping.



The oldest Serbian grammar school, founded in 1791 in Sremski Karlovci, which was at the time the cultural and spiritual center of all the Serbs. Present building, situated in the very center of the town, is a donation of the Patriarch German Anđelić and his brother Stevan, built in 1891 on its centenary year. It was designed in Neo-Byzantine style, with decorative elements at the entrance facade, and according to the design of Julije Partos from Pest.



Gymnasium is the endowment of Patriarch German Anđelić and his brother Stevan, Mitrovica priest. It was planed by Julie Patros from Pest in1891 in new-Byzantine style, decorated with Studenica details on the front facade. In front of the building is monument to Branko Radićević, made by Vladeta Petrić.



There is less cities in the World has a square with such a lot beautiful buildings, monuments and historical things at one place. The square is surrounded by the Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Nikola, the Patriarchy, the Roman-Catholic church of the Holy Trinity, the Gymnasium and the Clerical High School. Fountain “Four Lions” is in the middle of the town. Having coffee or a lunch in the hotel “Boem” and watching all those magnificent building is unforgettable adventure.



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