Knez Mihailova, Republic Square

The Knez Mihailova pedestrian zone which extends from Trg Republike to Kalemegdan is a pivotal element of the commercial geography and every-day life of Belgrade. If you did not spend at least half a day strolling or shopping there no one will ever believe you ever visited Belgrade.

Shopping centers in this area:
City Passage

Address: Obilićev venac 18-20
Open: working days 09.00-20.00, Sat. 10.00-16.00

New Millennium

Address: Spasićev prolaz, entrance from Knez Mihailova 19-21 and from Obilićev venac
Open: working days 10.00-20.00, Sat. 10.00-16.00

Terazije, Kralja Milana, Slavija

Not less exclusive that the shopping zone mentioned above, at least in the area around Terazije Square. International and local brands can be found along a kilometer and a half long stretch of stores. Exclusiveness falls as you get closer to Slavia square but so do the prices.

Shopping centers in this area:
Čumićevo Sokače

Address: entrance from Terazije and from Makedonska street, Dečanska and Nušićeva street.

Boulevard Kralja Aleksandra

It is also the longest street in Belgrade (8,2 km), but you will experience the magic of Belgrade shops even after a couple of kilometers. Unlike other places in the city, this shopping street offers literally everything – all types of goods, all quality ranges and all price levels. As a residue of the past, you will have the opportunity of doing some trading in the street, like in an open-air bazaar, open every day – regardless of the weather.

Belgrade Fair

Some of the large halls at the Belgrade Fairground have been permanently converted into a shopping center with countless little shops dealing in clothing, technical devices, cosmetics, food and all sorts useful gadgets. The main advantage of this BAZAAR, as it is officially called, is that it is open Sundays as well. The Belgrade Fairground is a great place to shop when various fairs are staged and especially during the “New Year Fair”…

New Belgrade

Shopping centers in this area:

Address: Jurija Gagarina, Blok 44